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Have you ever imagined living in the modern ice age? Bad Ice Cream will bring you to that time when everything is covered in ice. Let us come there right away!

About game:

Bad Ice Cream is a great Platform & Action video game, which is developed by Nitrome. The game allows you to take the role of ice cream. You are able to choose one flavor for your ice cream among the three most common ones such as Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. This flavor will be what your ice cream dresses in from the beginning of the game until the last stages. On the other hand, you can play the game in Multiplayer mode, in which you can invite a friend to come and play with you. The other player is also enabled to choose himself a favor and start the game against you.

In Bad Ice Cream, what you need to do is collect all the fruits that are distributed all over one stage in order to accomplish one level. You will be able to break ice blocks, as well as making up new ones. In an addition to that, you will need to be aware of the enemies who can destroy you without notice. If any enemy runs you across at once, you will be defeated immediately. There are forty exciting levels in Bad Ice Cream; all of them are arranged in an order from the easiest to the hardest. For sure, the levels will become even more challenging as you make your way through the easy ones, so do not be surprised if the next level is extremely difficult.

Maybe you need time to catch up with the rise in the level of difficulty. On entering the video game of Bad Ice Cream, the first thing that takes you by surprise will be the classic .bit Graphics. This element gives you the feeling of playing a childhood’s video game, in which all the elements are so familiar and easy to catch up with. As you can see, Bad Ice Cream is a really friendly video game with very adorable elements such as Ice Cream, Tiny Monsters, Ice Blocks and even more.

As soon as you are used to surfing through the levels of the game, you will find out that this video game is even more than just a Platform & Action video game. There is something about it that encourages you to play it again and again. Be careful, you might get addicted to this incredible video game easily! Now, if you are ready for Bad Ice Cream, let us go to play it now!

Bad Ice Cream Unblocked:

Bad Ice Cream Unblocked is now available at https://riddleschoolgame.com. This gaming site will make you be satisfied with the number of unblocked video games it offers. All games here are free! Enjoy them!

How to play:

Use the arrow/AWSD keys to move your Ice Cream.

Press Space/Return/F key to shoot.

Tips and tricks:

You can make up ice blocks to lock your enemies in.

You can walk after your enemies in order not to run across.

Bad Ice Cream Walkthrough

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