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About game:

Paper Minecraft (developed by Griffpatch and published by Scratch) is a good Minecraft game. If you already know the great series of Minecraft games, this game is your treasure.

In this game, you have three different game modes (Survival, Peace and Creativity) to experience. When the game starts, you can choose World Type to enter a new world: Default and Flat. Paper Minecraft brings you two characters, Steve and Alex. After selecting the character, your adventure begins!

If you choose Survival mode, you will appear in the environment with water and air. Your mission is to break the blocks around you, try not to be drowned in water and survive as long as you can. In Peace mode, you will participate in a fun adventure. You can freely explore the open world in the game without any danger. Finally, Creative mode in Paper Minecraft is the most interesting mode. You will have an inventory and it will provide you with tools during play. You can also store the resources you have collected in this inventory. Discover every corner of the game, and collect rare items!

With many new features and modes for all players, you should try Paper Minecraft once to verify its addiction! Believe me, the game's graphics are the most distinctive and prominent feature. Wish you have happy gaming time!

Paper Minecraft Unblocked:

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How to play:

Up arrow key to jump.

Left arrow key to turn left.

Right arrow key to turn right.

Use mouse cursor to control the direction.

Tips and tricks:

Peaceful mode is a great game mode for beginners!

Play the game with full-screen mode for a better experience!

Paper MineCraft Walkthrough

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