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Plazma Burst 2 is a new marvellous game created by Kevin Gu. It is a survival shooting game which has been attracting thousands of players in the gaming world nowadays by its well-designed graphics. Players in Plazma Burst 2 will have their chance to try on a space outfit, be equipped with awesome space weapons and jump into a space war where they can fight and defeat their opponents.

About game:

Graphics in Plazma Burst 2 makes you feel like being in a space war in the Star Wars series! The nice looking color and movement effect of the game will definitely attract you from first sight.

There is on small advice for your first try: You should access the Setting and Performance feature button to take a look at the game’s control keys since they are quite complicated if you are a new player. Plazma Burst 2 is divided into many different stages. Right at your first log-in, you are given 200 credits. These credits can be gained by successfully completing a level and you can use them to buy upgrade packs.

The gameplay allows you to customize your character by choosing him a nickname, choosing his battle suit and even the color. There is always a defaulted map which was automatically set for you but you can click on “Custom Map” button and press the map’s ID to find a customized map if you want to play with some different maps.

Besides given stages, Plazma Burst 2 also gives you many other awesome challenges so that you won’t feel boring when playing the game. You can click on the “Achievements” feature button to see them. These challenges are actually many small missions, also called as “Achievement” for players to achieve when they are able to kill a certain number of enemies or complete some other missions. There are 3 main modes in a level: Hard, Medium and Easy. Of course, among them, the Hard one is always the most required skills stage for ambitious players to take a try! The good news here is that you are given many weapons to use, including bombs to throw and blow up your enemies.

Such an awesome game filled with unexpected challenges given, are you ready to take a look at Plazma Burst 2? Your missions are ahead, our warriors!

Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked

Plazma Burst 2 is now available with an Unblocked version at https://riddleschoolgame.com – the thrilling battlefield for space fighters! Get into the war zones and show off your skills at Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked now!

How to play:

Arrow keys/WASD to move your space warrior.

Number keys to switch between weapons.

Move your mouse to aim.

Click your mouse to shoot.

Tips and tricks:

Tap the Go Up key continuously to get over high blocks.

Check the Settings and Performance button for control keys.

Plazma Burst 2 Walkthrough

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