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About game:

Whether you know about the series Riddle School developed by JonBro or not, Riddle School 3 is an interesting Point and Click game for you to explore. In this video game, you will take the role of a student, who is so tired of his Geography class. He now tries to find a way to escape from his school as well. What does a naught student do when he wants to get out of his school? He has to sneak out! That is what you need to keep in mind while you are exploring the game world of Riddle School 3. Otherwise, you will be caught and the game is over.

Riddle School 3 allows you to interact with the surrounds, such as talking to the non-playable characters, picking up and using items. The items you have collected successfully will appear in your Inventory. Some items can be combined with others to make a perfect complication. When the time to use an item comes, you will be able to drag that item to the place it needs to be.

Riddle School 3 supports conversation boxes, which means that you will be getting information from them. You can also check up on your location by using the Map that the game offers. Riddle School 3 becomes more challenging and it gives better elements, compared to its predecessor, Riddle School 2. Let us have some fun with Riddle School 3, now!

Riddle School 3 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse & Left click button only.

Tips and tricks:

Choose the graphics quality that fits your computer in order to have the best gaming experience.

You cannot use tab-cheating for this video game.

Riddle School 3 Walkthrough

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