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About game:

Contributing to the great series Riddle School developed by JonBro, Riddle School 5 is another great point and click video game. This video game centers on the puzzle element. Unlike the first four editions under the same series, Riddle School 5 brings in a darker theme, in which the protagonist is now locked in an unknown place and overseen by mystery people.

Just like what you always need to do in any game within the series Riddle School, Riddle School 5 also requires you to help the protagonist to escape from the place that he does not want to be in. A little change in the location makes the fifth edition the series more fun to enjoy. You are able to click on any item you see on the screen. Whenever something that the protagonist want you to know about being touched, a converter box will appear on the screen to give you clues.

Some items can be collected, some cannot. The collected items are in your Inventory, so feel free to drag them wherever you like around the screen. Even more, Riddle School 5 will make you love it from the very beginning of the game by its sensitive controls. It seems like this time, Riddle School 5 has finally brought in a lot more enhancer elements. Are you curious about it? Let us start the gameplay of Riddle School 5 now!

Riddle School 5 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the mouse cursor and click on the items/characters you see on the screen.

Tips and tricks:

You will need the help of a walkthrough video at the beginning of the game because it seems a bit difficult for the beginners. After that, you can explore everything well because you are now used to catching up with the clues.

Read what the characters say carefully since they will provide you with tons of important information.

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