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Welcome to Sprinter, a Platform & Running video game, developed by GAMEDESIGN. This incredible piece based on the Track & Field Running Sports game. With only exciting features, Sprinter promises to bring you the best game experiences it can. Check up on it now and you will enjoy it immediately!

About game:

If you do not know about Sprinter, then you must find out about it now! This video game centers on Sports games, especially Track & Field Running elements. The game takes you into the role of an athlete, whose job is reaching the victory line before the other competitors. Sprinter brings in a set of different Sports events, and the first one named School Child Rally. The title of each event is written in both English and Japanese, in order to satisfy both Japanese and overseas players, but that is not the most important element.

The main point of the game is taking you from the small events, wrapped in the school campus, to the bigger ones with more additional functions. The bigger an event is, the harder the game becomes. You may make it through first few events easily without making an effort, but when you get to compete against the real athletes, you will have to run as if it were the last time you have the chance to run like an athlete.

The protagonist is dress in Pink, Blue, and Green. He always appears at the fourth line. The opponents’ appearance may change, but the appearance ò the protagonist will stay the same from the beginning until your game is over. After one race ends, the result will come out. You will the rank of all the athletes, listed from the quickest to the slowest.

Sprinter owns classic gameplay and graphics. You will love the .bit graphics that the game offers, as it makes you feel like you were watching an old Japanese animated movie. The video game is good enough for everyone to have fun with it. Even more, you will be taught some lessons after the game ends. If you think you are ready for Sprinter now, let us get started!

Sprinter Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the [←] and [→] (Left and right) button to control the protagonist.

Tips and tricks:

Do not lose the tight even just for one second. The subjective will be the poison to your entire game progress.

The sound of this game is a special treat for anyone’s ears, so do not mute it if you want to enjoy the game without any limitations.

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