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Creative Tips on How to Motivate Yourself to Do Homework

When you’ve spent the whole day at school, you get back home tired and psychologically spent. What you hope to do is pull your clothes, take a bath, have some food, and sleep. Essentially, you desire not to have to do anything school-related – at least until the next day. First, however, there’s your homework, your all-too-important homework; you have to find some strength and motivation to do it.

What can you do when you lack the motivation to do homework – is there anything you can do? If you’ve ever struggled with motivation to do homework, we’re here to provide tips on dealing with it. But, of course, you already know how important doing your homework is, and finding the motivation to do it is essential.

Proven tips on how to get motivation for school

If you’ve ever lost the motivation to get up from bed in the morning and go to school, you’re not alone. Losing motivation for school is a common phenomenon, especially when you’re in the senior class. However understandable though it may be, losing motivation for school is not suitable for your future, particularly when your grades drop. Thus, try these tips on how to motivate yourself in school:

  • List out your reasons for going to school in the first place – say, for instance; you want to develop a cure for cancer someday. Then, place the list in your locker, where you study, or anywhere you’ll see it every day.
  • If your classes don’t challenge you, consider taking classes somewhere else; a change of scenery and curriculum can help.
  • Get involved in other activities outside academics – for instance, join a sports team or engage in extracurricular activities.
  • Learn how to manage your time to do everything you need to do without stressing yourself out. Excellent time management skills make study time more productive and school less boring.
  • If you’ve tried everything and the motivation still isn’t coming, seek professional help. You can talk to a psychiatrist, your parents, or your school’s guidance counselor; perhaps, there’s more to it than physical.

Seven ways to motivate yourself to do homework

Quite a number of things can result in no motivation to do homework, including depression, fatigue, and loss of sleep. It could also be because the subject isn’t your favorite or you don’t understand the assignment’s particular topic. Whatever the reason for the loss of motivation, here are some creative ways to motivate yourself to do homework nonetheless:

  1. Choose a place you find most convenient; it could be a library, your room when it’s quiet, or anywhere else. Finding your ideal location is the key to getting homework motivation when it is lacking.
  2. Set several realistic objectives you want to reach, for example, graduating with honors.
  3. Find something interesting in uninteresting subjects; this can motivate you to press on to achieve your goals.
  4. Set goals for your homework and reward yourself when you meet each one.
  5. Do homework with your friends or classmates; homework is more enjoyable when performed in two.
  6. Hire homework help or a tutor, or ask an older sibling or your parents to help you.
  7. Use a PC to research the homework, especially when you’re finding it hard, but be careful so it doesn’t become a distraction.

Ideas of places to go to do homework

Your bedroom is probably not the best place to do homework – unless you don’t want to finish on time. However, if you can handle the distractions from your TV, phones, noisy younger siblings, and other annoying noises, then why not? Otherwise, you can go to these places; they’ll “motivate me to do my homework.”

  • A public park – there will be noise, sure, but ambient noise can be soothing and help you focus ironically.
  • A public library – inspires learning and enables you to achieve crystal clear focus, and you have resources at your disposal.
  • A coffee shop – students, particularly college students and professionals, frequent coffee shops for study and homework inspiration and motivation.
  • Your friend’s house – co-working is a great homework motivation force, and you can help each other out.
  • Bond with nature – being surrounded by nothing but quiet and refreshing nature has always helped with a lack of motivation. That doesn’t mean you should enter the woods yourself; you can simply stay on your patio and work.


Now you have ideas of how to make yourself do homework; the next step is to put them into practice. If none of these tips help, it may be more than physical; speak to your parents or counselor then.