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About game:

Gun Mayhem 2 by Kevin Gu is a great Shooter game. The game gives you interesting gameplay. You will be taken to a world full of ferocious monsters. You will have to use whatever weapons you have to destroy them and survive. The monsters will appear and attack you. So you only have 1 way to complete the mission: kill all enemies along the way.

There are three modes in Gun Mayhem 2 (Campaign, Custom Game and Challenge) that you can experience, each with different rules. After entering the game, you can choose a mode and fight the enemy. With the campaign mode, Gun Mayhem 2 brings sixteen different campaigns from easy to difficult. In Custom mode, you can control your character and play the way you want. This is also a good mode for new people. And once you understand this game, Challenge mode is always there. Conquer this mode if you can!

Gun Mayhem 2 gives you battle scenes with exciting guns, dangerous enemies, and gold stars as great rewards. With gold stars, you can upgrade equipment, weapons, and you will become stronger. Besides, Gun Mayhem 2 even allows you to customize the character interface. With this feature, you can use creativity to create a character with the appearance you like. Note that you must stay away from deep holes, and don't let your HP drop to 0, otherwise the game will end.

Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:

  • Player A:

Use your arrow keys to move the soldier.

Z and X to use the gun and throw bombs.

  • For Player B:

Use A W S D to move the soldier.

T and Y to use the gun and throw bombs.

Tips and tricks:

Use bombs when there are too many enemies approaching you.

If you are new, experience the Tutorial in Campaign mode to understand the gameplay of the game.

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